Best Brushes for Cream Contouring: Reviewed in 2022

The contouring craze that has swept makeup lovers into a sculpting frenzy is arguably an art form. As with other art forms, specialized tools make the job go much smoother. For contouring with cream makeup, specialized brushes make smooth blending an easier process for even the most inexperienced of makeup artists. Let’s discuss the best brushes for cream contouring.

But where should you start? What are the best brushes for cream contouring and which are better for powder? Is there a difference in the techniques to use for contouring with one type of makeup versus another? There are other factors to consider, such as brush cleaning tools and what consistency of makeup goes with which type of brush. So where on Earth do you start?

These questions and more can be answered by a variety of blogs and informational videos, but shopping for cream contouring brushes can be an educational foray into cream contouring as a whole. Still, there are a lot of options out there in terms of brushes for all types of contouring. How do you know where to start or what sorts of qualities to look out for? The following seven products are excellent examples of the best brushes for cream contouring and excellent choices for anyone wanting to utilize cream contouring in their makeup routine.

Our Picks of the Best Brushes for Cream Contouring

#1 Bella and Bear Multipurpose Angled Brush

While the product itself is important, packaging and display is the first face presented when shopping for something. The attractive floral packaging of this brush is a tasteful preview of the brush itself. Soft, densely packed bristles announce this smoothly designed brush. While not specifically meant for cream contouring, the application and blending of cream makeup is perfectly paired with an easily grippable handle and synthetic, vegan materials. This brush is large enough to cover bigger areas of skin than the petite versions of this model. Perfect for blush, highlighter, dark contour, or even a finishing powder, it is the densely packed bristles that make this brush perfect for cream contouring over powder.

Featured in multiple fashion magazines and salons, Bella Bear is known and lauded for their high-quality, expertly designed products. This brush features classically designed floral packaging surrounding the carefully packed product. Protective netting is stretched over the bristles and the top half of the brush to prevent tangling during transport. You can even save this netting to use when the brush is clean and dry and you want to keep it smooth. It is not recommended to put the netting over the brush when it is wet or not completely clean, as this makes it difficult for the bristles to properly set or dry. Properly cared for, this brush can easily last you a long time and plenty of faces!

#2 Keshima Kabuki Flat Top Contouring Blending Brush

The flat, blunt shape of the bristles on this brush could give some makeup lovers pause, but it is shaped that way to provide full coverage, solid contouring and blending power. The soft synthetic fibers are evenly trimmed and thanks to their smooth texture, easier to clean than other brushes whose fibers might be more coarse or uneven in texture.

It is not only the bristles and their stabilizing wrap that are attractive and well-made. The obsidian colored lightweight handle and densely packed chocolate bristles of Keshima’s round brush enable it to blend and smooth richly pigmented contouring makeup without smearing it unevenly across the face.

Some brushes are too densely packed for adequate blending and it is more like applying makeup with a hard, thick sponge, but this version is firm enough to get the job done while remaining pliable enough to dip in and out of the contours and angles of the face. If a makeup brush is too firm it can hurt the skin, even scratching or otherwise damaging it. If it is too soft and pliable it can be difficult to get satisfactory makeup thickness and application. This brush is a perfect in-between compromise between the unpleasant or useless textures.

Some makeup brushes, especially those with flat angles and surfaces, can begin to shed after a short amount of time and frustratingly few uses. Trimming them does no good, as the problem is in the adhesive and integrity of how the bristles have been packed and attached. Keshima does not have this problem and takes pride in ensuring all brushes are made with strong bristles and little to no risk of annoying, uncomfortable shedding.

#3 Blending Makeup Brush Set

Sometimes you need variety in your tools for cream contouring. If you aren’t sure what the best brushes for cream contouring are but want to make a start in your makeup journey, a complete set is a good place to start. This set from Lamora contains ten brushes of differing sizes and shapes. A small, flat round brush and a larger sized but identically shaped brush start the collection. There are then large and small sizes each of a tapered round brush, angled flat round brush, angled brush, and round brush.

The variety of sizes and shapes in this makeup brush set allow for a more wide-ranging number of looks and techniques that are possible for those looking for good brushes for cream contouring. Instead of buying each brush individually as needed and spending quite a bit of money, you can simply purchase this set of ten brushes and have the right tool for most contouring jobs, even those in more delicate places such as around the nose and eyes.

Besides the obvious factor of the big brushes being able to cover large areas of skin and the smaller ones being tools of delicate precision, the more intricate areas of the face require more specialized contouring. A perfect example of this is the nose. Not only is there a bridge to sharpen or soften, but there are also two flat sides and round curves on the outsides of the nostrils. Each of these areas may require a different sort of approach.

The beauty of the smaller brushes and the large round brush is that while they are of course excellent choices for cream contouring, they are also perfect for applying other cream cosmetics such as eyeshadow, blush, and lip color. If you choose to go this route, always make sure one type of makeup is cleansed from the brush before using it to apply another type. Different areas of the face have different types of skin, and using the wrong kind of makeup can cause irritation or blemishes.

Best Brushes for Cream Contouring: Reviewed in 2022

#4 Real Techniques Sculpting Brush

The ethereal pink packaging and handle that introduce this brush are indicative of the dreamy quality your contouring can reach with tools like this one. Featuring a fluffy, rounded top and easy-grip handle make it perfect for that final layer of contouring that ties the entire effort together.

But looks are of course not the only important factor in finding the right brush for cream contouring. The quality of the bristles and how they are attached to the base is a big deal when it comes to the smooth application and blending of makeup; a brush that bleeds, streaks, or sheds is not going to create an appealing look regardless of the skill level of the person applying the makeup.

Luckily, the fluffy but firm texture of this brush and the strong adhesives used to anchor the bristles work together to ensure there is minimal shedding or uneven application texture. The base of the handle is coating in a rubbery, non-slip material. This extra step means that it is less likely the brush will fall out of your hands while you are using a cream contour, an event that can completely ruin an entire look and cause you to have to start over entirely.

Overall, this brush is an excellent choice if you want something lightweight and easy to hold that also provides the security and coverage any makeup brush should be able to boast of.

#5 Wet’n Wild Flat Top Brush

Times are tight for a lot of people in recent years. It can be hard to find the budget for little luxuries like makeup and brushes, but this option from Wet ‘n Wild is inexpensive enough most people can afford it and so soft and functional it seems like it should be much more expensive than it is.

A stark white handle bearing the brand logo and white bristles that gradually ombre into pink make this little brush a valuable find for the savvy makeup shopper. A completely flat head and tight, densely gathered bristles mean this brush can be used with a variety of consistencies, from powder to cream. Since cream contouring can be intimidating and even a little difficult for the uninitiated, it makes sense that the simplest and easiest to use tools would be desired.

Whether you want a nice cheap but good quality blending brush for your cream contouring or are building a collection of spare tools for the beauty arsenal, this choice is inexpensive, good quality, and because Wet ‘n Wild is available almost anywhere cosmetics are sold, it is easily accessible.

#6 e.l.f. Sculpting Face Brush

Sometimes the type of cream contouring you want is based on high, elegant cheekbones and a well-defined jawline. To achieve this goal you need a sharp brush capable of such specific definition and this option from e.l.f. meets all the presented criteria. Trim, angular bristles are securely fastened inside of a sleek black handle featuring the company logo in the signature trim white font.

This brush is so well made it provides perfect coverage for contouring, concealer, and even foundation. It can apply makeup, blend it, and be used on multiple parts of the face thanks to the angular cut of the bristles. For beginners who want a versatile tool that is inexpensive but effective and easy to use, e.l.f. is a prime destination. Their competitive prices and high-quality products are severely underrated in both the cosmetic and skincare categories. This brush, with fewer online reviews than similar products, is a perfect example of a sneaky treasure.

Something to keep in mind about this brush is that due to the tightness of the bristles and the shape they are cut in, it can be a little difficult to clean. However, there are scrubbing tools and special shampoos meant for cosmetic brushes that can make the process much easier and even make it fun!

#7 Cruelty Free Sculpting Makeup Brush

The long handles on some makeup brushes can make them hard to pack and transport. Many brushes meant for contouring and blending also have strategically shaped bristles, making them not fit uniformly into most containers.

Something that can help, though, is when handles are much shorter and allow for more portability than their wandlike counterparts. This selection from the makeup vault deep in the Amazon website has a short, ergonomically designed handle expertly clamped around a cluster of softly curved handmade bristles. The curve of the bristles is designed to smoothly glide over most facial shapes, especially in the areas of the jawline and cheekbone.

Another attractive quality of the bristles on this brush is their strength; the brush has been crafted so that it is highly unlikely any bristles will fall off, break, or otherwise become damaged or dislodged. Few beauty mishaps are as irritating as putting together a careful contour and noticing a bristle or group of bristles hiding in the carefully applied makeup.

The short, ergonomic handle of this brush means that not only will it hurt less to apply intricate and elaborate makeup looks, but the brush itself is also much more portable than its longer counterparts and can even be comfortably fit into most purses. This brush comes with a hard plastic cover that snaps onto the top part of the brush and protects the bristles from wear and tear while it is being transported.

The aforementioned portability of this brush and the ergonomic design of the handle make it an ideal and intelligent choice for anyone with a desire for a more convenient option for cream contouring brushes.