Beauty Expert: How I Help my Family Maintain Youthful Hands

After working in the beauty industry for many years, I picked up a few things, some of which came in handy because my wife birthed three beauty-centric daughters. These girls loved to hear about new products and tricks to make sure they looked great.

One thing that my daughters really wanted to fight was premature aging, and I was able to help. There are a lot of areas you can concentrate on, but an important one is your hands. Believe it or not, this area can show signs of premature aging first.

The following are some tips I shared with my daughters that have worked wonders for them in keeping their hands beautiful.

Put on Sunscreen

The sun dries your skin, which could lead to lines, and you do not want those. I told my girls to always wear sunscreen to ensure this does not happen. It should also be pointed out that too much sun exposure can lead to free radicals, and those are responsible for premature wrinkles given enough time.

Antioxidants Matter

Antioxidants help ensure things like free radicals do not damage your skin cells, which is one way you develop premature wrinkles. This is the reason I told my girls to make sure they use a good antioxidant cream on their hands and face. Many people just focus on their face and usually forget their hands, but I won’t let that happen in my household.

Moisturizing is Key

Moisture is one thing that keeps your skin nice, supple, and elastic. You want these types of characteristics because they prevent your skin from aging too fast. My daughters always moisturize their hands because I explained how important moisture is for beauty. I even encouraged products with additional moisturizing power, such as alpha hydroxyl acids or cacao butter.

Protections Works

There are a lot of elements out there that could hurt the overall state of your hands. This is something I warn everyone about because most people overlook it. You need to protect your hands from harsh cleaning chemicals, scratches, and sunlight exposure. This is the reason a good pair of gloves for every occasion could keep your hands looking beautiful. My daughters can’t get enough of glove fashion now.

Good Consumption

My home is filled with things to keep my hands beautiful. For example, there is always enough water in my house that is pH balanced to help keep the body hydrated. Good hydration not only promotes elasticity but also promotes good circulation, which could help repair skin damage when it happens. My home also has good antioxidant-rich foods, such as grapes, which should help keep your hands from aging.

Hopefully, some of the suggestions I gave my family can be helpful to you. Trying to defy age is not an easy feat, but that does not mean it is impossible. All you need to do is stick to your beauty and anti-aging regime and you’ll be fine.