Beautiful Skin After 40: It’s NOT Impossible!


Have you heard the expression, “40 is the new 30”? What if you could turn back the clock even further, and look as fresh-faced as a dewy 20-year-old while you are entering middle age?

Many women lament the aging process instead of embracing it. Through our formative skin years, we endure awkward puberty, cheap knock-off products that stripped our skin of valuable moisture, vitamins, and minerals, and the first few lines and wrinkles that are telltale signs that even we didn't escape Father Time's clutches.

The fact of the matter is, creating a beautiful complexion does take a little extra time and effort in your forties, but your efforts will be rewarded with some simple tips and tricks that will have you regaining your youthful complexion in no time. Here are some insider beauty industry secrets you can use to cheat the clock:

Skin Commandment #1–Thou shalt use the right cleanser for your skin type

Clean skin is healthy skin; finding the right cleanser that will effectively remove dirt, grease, and grime while maintaining the right moisture balance will leave you with a younger looking complexion. If your skin has specific needs, aim for cleansers that address your problem skin issues, like finding an oil-free cleanser for skin that is prone to oiliness and breakouts.

Likewise, if you have dry skin, aim for something that is cleansing and moisturizing all in one to ensure that your delicate skin doesn't dry out.

Skin Commandment #2–Thou shalt use products with antioxidants

Powerful antioxidants like vitamins C and E are very effective at fending off free radicals that can damage skin, making it look older. Good quality antioxidants not only slow environmental damage, but they can also repair and rejuvenate compromised cells, restoring them to their natural and vibrant state of health.

Skin Commandment #3–Thou shalt moisturize, no matter what your skin type

All types of skin need a delicate moisture balance, and finding the right moisturizer that addresses your skin's specific needs is essential for overall skin health. Oil production does slow down after age 40, so being able to replace some of this lost moisture will keep your skin young and healthy looking.

Skin Commandment #4–Use an absorbent eye cream

One of the first telltale signs of aging occurs around the eyes. Fine lines, sagging skin, and a crepe-like appearance give us away and we search for ways to look fresh-faced and dewy-eyed. Keeping it stored in the fridge is a secret of the pros, as it constricts blood vessels and tightens the skin around the eye, giving you a mini facelift while moisturizing.

Skin Commandment #5–When it comes to makeup, less is more

There is a temptation to use more makeup as we age to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles and to play up features that we once did in our younger years. Why is it then, that we end up looking more like we work for Barnum and Bailey when we do so?

When it comes to makeup after 40, choose carefully. Apply products to the skin that are chemical free and as natural as possible, and choose muted shades to create subtle beauty that doesn't call attention to your true age. Embrace a new look and a younger, softer looking you with your new makeup regime.

While you may find yourself with a few new skincare steps after forty, the benefits will far outweigh any additional time you need to spend on your complexion. Take care of that beautiful skin, and embrace the younger, more radiant you!

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