Beard Oil VS Balm

There has been an explosion of beard care products on the market and they all claim to contain something different that works together to provide varying results. When there are two products that can do the same thing it’s confusing as to which product you should choose. This is the case with beard oil vs balm.

Two Products, Same Result with Beard Oil VS Balm

Beard oil and utility balm both work as moisturizers for your facial hair. It is a matter of personal preference which one is best. There are several questions to take into consideration when trying to decide between oil or balm.

  • What kind of beard do you have (long beards need a lot of product, short beards don’t require as much)
  • What is your skin type? (Particularly is it excessively dry or is it oily?)
  • Do you want your beard to have some shine to it or do you want it more on the side of a matte finish?
  • What is your profession? (It matters!)

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when you’re trying to decide between oil or balm. If you do all your research and you can’t decide, purchase both and experiment.

Beard Oil

Beard oil is the basic necessity for the grooming of the modern man’s beard. No matter how short or long your beard is, you should use a beard oil but when you’re in the early stages of growing your facial fashion statement beard oil is required. The moisture that beard oil provides ward off beard dandruff and will calm the itchiness that often occurs with beards that are just growing.

Beard oil is a lightweight moisturizer. Because it is oil-based and liquid in its form it not only moisturizes the beard, but it hydrates the skin below the beard as long as it’s not one of the long beards that are trending. Beard oil is easy to apply through the entire beard easily and it will be absorbed by the facial hair and skin way quicker than a utility balm. This will leave your beard with a matte finish rather than a gloss or shine. If your beard is long then you should use a brush or comb intended specifically for beards to spread the oil through your entire beard evenly. Beard oil will leave your beard feeling smooth and silky rather minus the gunk you may get when you use hair conditioner or products that are silicone-based.

Beard Balm

Beard balm is ideal for the men who are sporting medium and large beards. If your skin tends to be on the dry side, the balm is your solution as well. The balm is designed to be thicker than oil, so it takes longer for it to absorb into the facial hair than oil does. Beard balm can be likened to pomade in its texture.

The utility balm takes longer to soak into the beard and the skin than oil so there is more nourishment and the moisture lasts longer. As a result, your beard will be shiny as well as healthy. Additionally, the weight of balm is the right amount to tame the stubborn pieces of your beard. Beard balm can also double as a styling product for your mustache.

Utility balm is much more versatile than oil. Beard oil is great for maintaining the skin beneath your beard while providing a nourished beard, but beard balm is specifically designed to be a skin moisturizer as well as nutrients for your beard. It cand be used daily on your beard and your skin. Rub it over your tattoos to brighten them and make them stand out. Beard balm is also superb for keeping the skin moisturized during the winter when the skin requires a little more care. This also comes in handy if you do a lot of traveling. You only need to have one product that moisturizes both your beard and your body.

Can Both Beard Oil and Balm be Used Together?

If you want to have the benefits of both the oil and the balm for your beard simultaneously, you can! You need to have a light hand with both products. You can take your beard game to another level using both products, but you can’t overdo either product. Start with a minimal amount of each product and add small amounts until you have the optimal moisture level. If you’re going for the shine and gloss you should apply your oil first and then use your beard balm.

Beard Oil VS Balm

When it comes to making a decision between oil and balm, it’s all about what you want and what makes you feel well-groomed.