Beard Oil Substitute

You want to take care of your beard, which is the reason people seek out and purchase beard oil, but you ran out. Now, you are wondering what you can do to moisturize your beard without beard oil. The following are great (and usually cheaper) beard oil substitute to those premium beard oils out there.

Beard Oil Substitute #1 – Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is usually one of the main ingredients in beard oil, so you can definitely use this as a substitute. You can get this oil cheaply online.

Now, you won’t be getting the perks that come with beard oil, like natural scents, but you get the most important part, an oil that can moisturize your beard. The oil is used to moisturize the skin because it has anti-comedogenic properties. This means this oil will get absorbed much faster than other options, and it won’t block your pores.

#2 – Baby Oil

This is a strange beard oil substitute, but it actually works. Now, it is important to to get a baby oil that is as natural as possible. What you want to see are ingredients like mineral oil, shea butter, cacao butter, and natural fragrance.

Baby oil works because it is light enough for a baby, so it will be light enough for your beard. The ingredients in this substitute can be easily absorbed as well. Most of the time, baby oil is pretty inexpensive, so it is definitely a good option for you. This is especially helpful for those with a baby at home who uses baby oil.

#3 – Castor Oil

Another oil you might want to consider is castor oil. This kind of oil can be cheap as well and has a lot of properties that can help keep your beard feeling soft and moisturized. For one, it contains natural ricinoleic acids, and these help soften your hair.

The other perk of using castor oil is its thickness. This may not sound too important, but it actually helps make your beard look fuller, and that makes it look more appealing. Keep in mind that you can combine some of the oils mentioned here to make your own mixture at a fraction of the price.

#4 – Coconut Oil

Besides baby oil, the other alternatives mentioned here are sometimes hard to come by. They are not the kind of oils you can pick up at the store near you. Now, what you can find almost anywhere is coconut oil, and this is another alternative for beard oil.

The low molecular weight of coconut oil allows it to penetrate deep inside your beard hair, helping it to stay moisturized and soft. It should also be pointed out that this type of oil is highly anti-bacterial, which should help ensure your beard stays as clean as whistle. This little perk also helps prevent protein-loss, which leads to beard hair damage.

Choose the Best Beard Oil Substitute

These are examples of beard oil alternatives, but there are many more. Some people choose olive oil though the smell is a little strong, so you might want to add one of the other natural oils mentioned here to diffuse the smell a bit. Others choose meadowfoam seed oil that has similar properties to jojoba oil. As you can see, there are many alternatives for you, and most of them are affordable, so keep that in mind when caring for your beard.