Beard Oil for Black Men

Beard care is a different game for black men. Black men have to fight ingrown hairs better known as “bumps”, facial hair growing in patchy, and the hair just takes longer to grow. There’s a fix for this though. Beard oil for black men is the answer!

Using Beard Oil for Beard Care for Black Men

Beard oil will assist in killing the bacteria caused by ingrown hair and give a fuller and more lustrous shine while encouraging more rapid facial hair growth. The beard oil has to be a part of a complete routine to care for your beard though. The beard oil will not work as optimally if it is used as a standalone.

Shampoo for the Beard

Whatever you do, DO NOT wash your beard with your regular shampoo. Worse yet, don’t EVER be tempted to wash your beard with bar soap. The only way either of these is acceptable is if they are made of all-natural ingredients and include moisturizing elements such as argan oil or shea butter. Beard shampoo will moisturize your facial hair and keep it hydrated.

Beard Comb or Beard Brush

When you begin to work beard oil into your care routine you will need a brush or a comb to evenly spread the oil to all of your beard hair. You can use a comb if you choose, but for most black men a beard brush is the way to go. For exfoliation, a beard brush is the best choice as it will work toward the prevention of ingrown hair. Not only will the brush boost the effects of the oil, but it will also tame your facial hair giving it a look of length and luster.

What to Look for in a Beard Oil for Black Men

Read labels. You want a beard oil that contains coconut oil, jojoba, and/or argan oil to be listed. These are usually your carrier oils. These will provide nourishment to your facial hair. Jojoba is able to act in the same way your natural skin oil does. It will replace any oils that are stripped during the shampoo process. Longer beards especially need these oils since the hair that is the farthest from your face will not get fed by the natural oils your skin produces.

The ultimate ingredient you want to look for in a black men’s beard oil is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil will cleanse the skin as an all-natural antibacterial. Ingrown hairs will start to disappear as the tea tree oil kills off the bacteria.

If you want your beard to be healthy, you have got to have moisturizer. Your skin and your facial hair have to maintain hydration. One of the best ways to achieve hydration for the black man’s face and beard is by using shea butter.

If you want to know what ingredients your beard care routine should include, and why, this is a list for the black man who takes special care of his beard:

  • If you want to strengthen your follicles, you need argan oil
  • Coconut oil is going to feed your skin moisture and promote its health.
  • Jojoba oil is a replacement for sebum (which is natural hair oils) that gets lost in shampooing.
  • Tea tree oil will ward off bumps and ingrown hair.
  • Cedarwood oil serves as an anti-inflammatory and smells great.
  • Rosemary oil will prevent flaking and the dreaded beardruff.
  • Peppermint oil promotes good circulation and smells nice.

If your beard oil has at least one of these ingredients, you’re doing good. The more the better, though. Read your labels before you choose your product.