Beard Oil Before Bed

Beard oil is a grooming treatment designed to soften and condition the hair in your beard. It also soothes and moisturizes the hair under your beard and mustache. Using beard oil helps eliminate the itchiness of the beard and the flakiness of dry skin that looks like dandruff. But how often should you use it? And should you use beard oil before bed?

What is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is a simple product. It is one or more plant based carrier oils with some essential oils mixed in for their scent and their healing benefits. Some beard oils also include Vitamin E for extra moisture and preservative factors. It keeps the hair from becoming brittle and breaking off easily.

How Often Should You Apply?

Usually one application of beard oil daily is enough to achieve a softer, fuller beard. The exception is if you are in an extremely dry or cold climate that strips your natural oils from your skin and beard. In that case you may consider using beard oil before bed and then again in the morning.

The point of applying beard oil is to have your hair and skin absorb it. This is best done after a warm shower because your pores are open and the oil can penetrate to the base of the follicles. Dry your beard thoroughly with a towel, because oil and water do not mix. Then start with a few drops warmed between both hands and apply it to the skin. Work the beard oil through the hair of your beard using your finger tips, and a beard comb or brush. Start with only a drop or two, because you can add more if needed.

Men who like to apply beard oil in the morning often do so because of the subtle scent that it gives off all day. It makes them feel well groomed as they go out to work or socialize. When you apply beard oil before bed you have the same fragrance effect and it can help you have a restful sleep. Choose calming essential oils if you plan to use beard oil at bed time. Lavender is said to calm you and provide deep sleep.

Why Should You Use Beard Oil Before Bed?

When you use beard oil before bed your skin can absorb it while you sleep. Some would say you get the maximum benefit from it that way. Do apply it early enough before you lay down that the oil will be soaked up by your beard and not rub off easily on your clothes or bedding.

Keep in mind that beard oil is actually oil. Oil that is used too freely will rub off on clothing or bedding. Besides allowing time to penetrate your skin and beard, you may also want to use an old pillow case to cover your good linens or consider wrapping an old towel around your pillow.

Ultimately the choice of when to apply beard oil is up to you. There is not strong advantage to a particular time of day. It should be based on what is convenient for you and your lifestyle. Use beard oil in the morning and you look freshly groomed with an extra sheen. Use beard oil at night and your beard has more time to absorb it before going out in the elements.

If you have not used beard oil at all, you should try it and see what you have been missing.