Beard Butter VS Beard Oil

Growing a beard and getting into beard care takes you into a whole new world you never knew existed. Things can seem a little overwhelming, but hopefully, the following will help clarify the difference between two products: beard butter vs beard oil.

To understand the difference between oil and beard butter, you should know what these products contain.

What is Beard Oil?

For the most part, a good beard oil is going to have a blend of two main oils. There are some products out there with additives and synthetic ingredients, so make sure you stay away from those. What you want to see is a carrier oil like almond or jojoba oil among others. This oil is going to help reduce certain issues, like beard itch and dandruff.

The next type of oil you are going to find in beard oil is an essential oil or a mixture of them. This could include pine oil, cedar, sandalwood, or citrus, which are strong but pleasant scents.

The reason you need beard oil is because beard hairs absorb the natural sebum oil your skin produces to keep your skin dewy. This ends up making the skin under your beard get a little dry and flaky.

What is Beard Butter?

Okay, now you know how beard oil works and what it’s made of, but you need to know what beard butter is so that you can compare beard butter vs beard oil.

The first thing you should know is that beard butter is a mixture or blend of oils and natural butters, like shea butter. The major difference is that beard oil uses oil as a base while beard butter uses the butter as its base. The reason you want a butter from time to time is because it promotes deep conditioning.

The other ingredients you’ll find in beard butter is coconut oil, jojoba, oil, avocado oil, or grapeseed oil. Everything is blended with a little heat, which ends up producing that rich creamy beard butter you’re used to.

The reason you need a deep conditioner is because your bear hairs take a little longer to absorb the ingredients in the butter, which is key if you want super soft beard hairs. You’d be surprise how much you’re going to love rubbing your soft beard after using the butter for some time.

It should also be pointed out that beard butter helps keep your beard style all day, so you’ll look pretty stylish without doing much.

You’ll also notice that beard butter is going to make your beard look fuller instantly, which is appealing to see. It makes you seem healthier and robust, which are characteristics you want.

You should know that many beard butters come with a natural scent, and that means your beard is going to smell pretty good. Everyone wants their beard to smell good, including that special someone in your life.

When you put your beard butter on, make sure you only use a little. Rub it between your palms to heat it up enough so that you can easily apply it.

Which One is Better?

Hopefully, you see that these products are not really against each other but rather partners, trying to make your beard look, feel, and smell great.