Baby Oil for Stretch Marks

There are a few reasons why people are having stretch marks on their skin. Some people might have gained weight or muscles, or because they became pregnant. Stretch marks appear when the skin gets to stretch out. It can be red, white or dark purple lines that form on the areas or part of your body that grew.

Having stretch marks is usually something not to be worried about, but there can be a possibility that having stretch marks can cause a person to be self-conscious of how they look. It can cause someone to have a low self-steam knowing they have stretch marks even though it’s not really visible to some people.

An effective remedy for stretch marks

Did you know that you can treat stretch marks in the comfort of your home?

You can definitely do that while using baby oil for stretch marks. Baby oil is known to be a fantastic moisturizer that locks in moisture in the skin upon usage and application. It makes the skin fully hydrated and softer. Baby oil is made from highly purified mineral oil products which the skin can benefit from.

If you use baby oil to treat stretch marks, you can be sure that it is safe since it has been proven to be used safely by babies, too.

Treatment process using baby oil for stretch marks

Using baby oil to treat stretch marks is a little bit trickier to do, but you can be sure of its effectivity. For better and easier application, you can put the baby oil in a spray bottle. Aside from ensuring a better and easier application, you can also be sure that it won’t be messy that way.

After a hot shower to open up your pores and loosen up your skin, dab yourself dry, but make sure that your skin will still be damp to the touch. Spray the baby oil into the affected part of your skin or body and massage into your skin for about two minutes or more. Making sure that your body is still damp to the touch is important to the process because that way, the baby oil is sure to do its job easier.

For a better and faster result, you can use baby oil for stretch marks and this method twice a day. You can just opt to use a shower cap over your hair if you don’t want to wash your hair again for the hot shower.

More tips

Aside from using baby oil for stretch marks after every hot shower, it is still recommended to exfoliate your skin twice a week so the skin will feel fresher every time. You should also put on sunscreen not just on your stretch marks, but to every part of your skin that will get exposed if you are going out under the sun.

Exposing the part of the body where there are stretch marks can do more damage to the skin. It can make the stretch marks more intense and can be the reason to make it harder to get rid of.

Lastly, baby oil is also great in preventing having stretch marks. This is good news for pregnant women since even before their bellies get bigger, they can apply baby oil to prevent having stretch marks or at least lessen its appearance.