Baby Oil for Beard

Bearded men love their hairy faces, but only when it’s soft, smooth, and sexy. All beards aren’t created the same. It’s likely due to the care they provide their beards. It’s recommended that men use beard oil to keep the hair on their face soft, manageable, shiny, and manageable. However, most beard oils cost $20+ for a small bottle, leaving many men unable to afford the price. Luckily, baby oil for beard is a viable option that provides many of the same benefits as a beard oil for just a couple of bucks per bottle.

Types of Baby Oil

There are three types of baby oil available. Each one works for the bear, although some offer better results than the next. Baby oil options include:

  • Common baby oil (Johnson’s, etc.) which is clear in color and mineral or lanolin based.
  • Plant and vegetable oil baby oil is made using sunflower oil or jojoba oil. It is free of lanolin and mineral oils.
  • Mixed varieties of baby oil, often sold as a cream or lotion.

For the beard, plant oil-based products work best. The mineral baby oil and the mixed oil work, but since mineral-based baby oil cannot oxidize, it isn’t 100% free of impurities. It may clog the pores, cause greasy skin, and they won’t penetrate into the hair follicles and fibers.

Coconut and jojoba based oil is low molecular weight and penetrate well into the beard hair fibers and the skin. They won’t clog the skin and they’re simple to apply. You can find these oils sold online and wherever haircare and beauty care products are sold.

Benefits of Using Baby Oil for the Beard

Baby oil is easy-to-apply to the beard and safe and beneficial for daily use. The many benefits that baby oil gives the beard make it a product worth using on your beard. The benefits include:

  • Keeps the beard hair soft and manageable
  • Softer, sleeker appearance
  • Healthier beard, grows faster and thicker
  • Baby oil may eliminate stress, which encourages beard growth
  • More affordable than beard oil
  • Sold at many retailers and online

Keep Your Beard Healthy & Sleek

Appearance is important. A beard is an important part of a man’s appearance. Baby oil is an amazing product that comes into play for a guy who doesn’t want to fork over $20 or more on a small bottle of beard oil. It is easy-to-use, provides fast and efficient results, and doesn’t cost a small fortune. With the right type of baby oil in hand, it’s easy to maintain an amazing beard that makes the other guys jealous.