B5 for Acne

Vitamin B5 is an acne solution that some people believe to be highly effective. In fact, it’s also used quite often in health and beauty products, such as shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, sunscreens, facial masks, lipsticks, mascaras and many other products. If you pay attention to some of the marketing of top beauty brands, you’ll see the constant promotion of B5, especially for haircare products. Let’s delve deeper into why so many people are using vitamin B5 for acne. It’s often used in the form of supplements and topical solutions.

B5 Accelerates Acne Healing

For decades, B5 has been used to accelerate the healing process after medical treatments. This occurs as a result of properties that help to regenerate skin cells. It’s why B5 is effective at treating wounds. Since it affects your skin at the cellular level, wounds will start to close up much faster. This is the same reason why the use of B5 for acne is so effective. One the flip side, there has been anecdotal evidence showing that skin has a harder time repairing itself when there is a deficiency of B vitamins.

Reduce Inflammation

When used as a topical treatment, B5 is sometimes more effective at reducing inflammation than it is when ingested. There is also a reduction in irritation, such as rough, red, itchy and dry skin. These are all issues that tend to be problematic for acne-prone skin.

Retain Moisture

Another benefit of B5 for all users is the ability to help your skin retain moisture. This is an important aspect of treating skin with an acne breakout because the use of harsh products to treat acne can result in skin that’s dry and cracked. When moisture is retained, there’s often a significant improvement in how your skin feels.

The production of sebum on the skin is beneficial because it’s your body’s way of naturally making sure you don’t have dry skin. However, too much sebum can become a problem because it tends to worsen breakouts. Vitamin B5 helps to balance the sebum.

B5 for Acne Prevents Bacterial Growth

Using B5 for acne treatments is also beneficial because it contains antimicrobial properties. Skin that’s acne-prone can sometimes experience problems with bacterial growth, which can lead to a more serious skin infection and subsequent discoloration. Some studies have shown a tremendous decrease in acne as a result of reduced bacteria on the skin after B5 is taken on a consistent basis.

The use of B5 for acne should take into consideration any possible side effects. Though rare, it’s possible to experience dry, irritated, red and itchy skin if you have sensitivities to B5. This can happen when it’s taken as a supplement and when it’s used as a topical solution. If any of these symptoms occur when you start taking supplements or start using products with B5, consult with your doctor right away.

The bottom line is that B5 has many benefits and few risks when used to treat acne. The benefits are a reduction in oily skin, fewer breakouts and overall clearer skin. People that have dealt with acne for years and are able to use B5 as a solution often sing its praises. This is especially true of individuals with hormonal acne that tends to be more difficult to treat.