Aquaphor vs Vaseline

There are several differences that you have to think about when comparing Aquaphor vs Vaseline.

Ingredients of Aquaphor vs Vaseline

The first difference is the ingredients that are inside of them. The Aquaphor is about 41% petroleum jelly while the Vaseline is 99.96% petroleum jelly. The Vaseline only has one ingredients inside of it besides the fragrance that is used. This means that there is a good chance that it is only going to work for one thing. If you are wanting a product that will have the ability to do a few things for you, then you are not going to want to use the Vaseline. But the Aquaphor has a variety of different ingredients that will include a lot of moisturizers like humectants, emollients, and occlusives.


The second difference is the price of the products. If you are looking for something that is going to be able to keep you from having dry skin, then you will have the ability to do with the cheaper option. Of course, because it only has the one ingredient, Vaseline will be a lot cheaper for you to buy. In fact, it is going to be about half the price of the competitor. Therefore, if you are looking to be frugal, this is the way to go since it is going to be the most cost effective product.


The third difference is the application of the products. Vaseline is not going to sink to your skin because it is a pure occlusive. This means that it is just going to sit on top of the skin. Therefore, if you put it on your face, then your face is going to become very greasy. With the Aquaphor, your face will still be a little bit greasy but not as bad as the Vaseline. This is because of all of the moisturizing ingredients that are inside of it. Some of the moisturizers are going to have the ability to sink into your skin. It also has a better texture so it is will be a lot easier to spread on your skin. This is also because of the glycerin and lanolin that is inside of the Aquaphor.

Aquaphor vs Vaseline – Irritation

The fourth difference is whether or not they are going to irritate your skin. Some of the ingredients that are inside of the Aquaphor are known to cause problems on your skin. The first ingredient is the lanolin alcohol, which is a fatty alcohol that comes from the sebaceous glands of the sheep. It is a moderately low risk, which means that one person might breakout from it when another person might not have a reaction at all. The second ingredient is bisabolol, which is something that is known to cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, if it is given to a child in order to treat their eczema, then it can cause the condition to get worse over time. The Vaseline is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, which means that is it very safe when it comes to your skincare.