Anointing Oil Prayer for Protection

First mentioned in the Book of Exodus, the practice of anointing oil prayer for protection has been considered a deeply ritualized method of expressing faith and seeking divine protection from all physical and spiritual harm.

When thinking about the practice of using anointed oil, we can consider it to fulfill three needs.

First, the anointed oil acts as a physical reminder of devotion and faith.

The practice of using oils is mentioned in the Bible several times, and there are several different oils that were used.

Simple formulations consisted of olive oil, which itself has an earthy, warm fragrance. Combined with herbs, seeds, flowers, and spices, the scent of the oils might be pungent, sweet, spicy, or floral.

This is true today. Even if the formulations of the anointing oil may be various and different than the ones used in Bible, they serve the purpose of a physical reminder that we are close to God at all times through our faith.

The act of saying an anointing oil prayer for protection over these sacred oil blends serves the second purpose of providing spiritual protection from harm.

When someone uses the blessed oil, they will experience a reminder of the surrounding grace of God.

In this way, the oil acts as a sort of shield or barrier from the outside world and the spiritual warfare we encounter daily.

The Bible references the act of anointing a king, which had the same weight and authority as a crown.

In this sense, the act of shielding ourselves with an anointed oil can give us the sense of authority in our own lives to be connected to what serves us and to fight off that which does not.

Anointed oil can also aid in spiritual and physical healing. While it is clearly not a substitute for medical treatment, anointed oil can provide a sense of spiritual and physical cleansing.

The ritual of anointing oil prayer for protection and the anointing of one’s body with the blessed oil has long served as a daily ritual in some cultures.

The Bible contains several references to using anointed oils to refresh the body.

The physical properties of the oils can have rejuvenating effects on the skin, and the scents can alter the mood and mental state of those who apply it.

In some cases, because of the sacred rituals and practices that surround the mixing, anointing, and wearing of the oil, merely smelling the oils can bring a person into a calm state in which they feel ready to receive the presence of God, despite what is happening outside the physical body.

The ancient and sacred practice of anointing oils is a physical balm that serves to remind us of divine protection, and invites us to be constantly aware of our abiding faith in God.

The spiritual and physical benefits are great for those who incorporate this practice into their daily lives.