Anointing Oil Prayer for Home

The Bible has countless stories of people that were anointed. There’s anointing oil for healing, blessing and even anointing oil prayer for home.

To be anointed in Biblical days required olive oil to be placed in a ram’s horn, and then it was poured over the head.

The oil represents the anointing of the Holy Spirit, covering you.

Since ancient times, oil has always represented the spirit of God. It’s a symbolic gesture that is widely still used today.

While you can anoint a person, you can also anoint your house, which is called a house blessing.

Let’s delve deeper on how to do anointing oil prayer for home.

Who Can Anoint A Home?

Each denomination has its own guidelines for anointing ceremonies, and if you aren’t religious, then you can just follow whatever feels appropriate to you.

In the Catholic Church, the priest usually does these blessings.

However, in most traditional Christian churches, it can be done by a minister or by the head of the household.

House blessings are commonplace when you move into a new space or when there has been trouble, such as negative spiritual activity.

Hollywood often shows this sort of activity using Holy Water to help with demonic possession, but movies are often more hype than fact.

Why Is Anointing Essential?

In Bible days, God brought plagues across the land for Pharo refused to set the Children of Israel free.

In Exodus 7, the decree was that the firstborn of both man and beast would die. The only way that the people could be protected was to put lamb’s blood over the doorposts. When the death angel passed through the area, they would spare the child who had the blood on their doors.

Today, when anointing oil is spread over the doorposts of the home, it is said to protect the space from negative energy.

How Do You Properly Do the Anointing Oil Prayer for Home Ritual?

To anoint your home, you must recite a prayer.

There is no specific anointing oil prayer for home that must be said, just know that the oil is symbolic and said to invoke power from on high.

It’s always good to clear a space of any negative energies that can be damaging to the mind, body, or soul.

Some people accompany this oil ceremony with sage burning.

White sage is another cleansing agent that is thought to ward off any negative energy.

Though it’s more of a Native American ritual, it’s widely used.

In the Bible, the book of Psalms, chapter 91, promises protection from danger. Some people recite this Psalm during their anointing ceremony.

In Isaiah 10:27 NKJV, the Bible states that because of the anointing oil, the things that bind are broken. Here are the steps for an anointing ritual:

  • Remove any books, movies, or objects that have any evil roots from your home.
  • Pray in each room, and plead the blood of Jesus over your home and family. Ask the Holy Spirit to flood every inch of your dwelling and push out the darkness. Pray for His will for you and your family as you dedicate the home to Him fully.
  • Use the name of Jesus to rebuke the power of darkness. Use the Word as your sword to put the enemy out of your home.
  • While praying, apply the oil on the door frames in a cross pattern. Some people also put it on the window frames too. Believe in your heart that you are receiving supernatural protection during the application.

You may need to repeat this process when anything changes in the home.

Non-religious people find themselves reaching out to the church for help when they face spiritual battles within their homes.

The historical significance of this process is well documented, and it’s still widely used today.