Anointing Oil Prayer for Healing

For those of a particular faith, anointing oil plays a heavy role in healing. Below, we’ll discuss about anointing oil prayer for healing.

In scripture, Kings, as well as the poor, were often anointed with blessed oil to help heal them.

The belief was that God would work through the oil to help heal the soul, which in turn, would help heal the body.

Whether you’re thinking about using oil to heal your body or spirit, it can have some health benefits depending on what kind of anointing oil you choose.

Here are a few benefits and things to know about anointing oil prayer for healing.

Which Oil to Choose for Anointing Oil Prayer for Healing?

There are two main types of anointing oil for healing. The first is called myrrh.

This oil, in particular, was popularly used in the Bible. The plant is said to offer quite a few health benefits as well.

Another oil to consider is frankincense oil. Like myrrh, this type of oil was also often used in the Bible.

Both can be easily found online and in stores that sell fragrant oils.

The oils that you find at everyday shops, however, likely aren’t blessed.

You may need to take the oil to a church to have it blessed before you use it. Otherwise, you can likely find previously-blessed oils at a Christian store or on an online Christian store.

Myrrh Benefits

The oil derived from myrrh has many health benefits.

One of those is that it’s actually full of antioxidants. This can help protect liver damage as well as other organ damage.

Some researchers even found that myrrh can help stop the spread of cancer.

It lowered the reproduction of cancer cells as well as repressed the growth of them.

In particular, it seemed potent against gynecological cancer cells.

Myrrh also works well as an anti-parasitic treatment.

There’s even a medication based in myrrh that helps remove the parasites from the gut.

Due to its soothing quality, it can also be used to help with digestive problems.

If you have an upset stomach, indigestion, or diarrhea, then the oil may help.

Some people have also used myrrh to help with hypothyroidism.

This condition describes a situation in which someone’s thyroid isn’t as functional as it should be.

It can lead to weight gain, low energy, and a few other unpleasant consequences.

Myrrh, when applied to the thyroid, can help decrease the stress placed on the thyroid. This might make it more functional.

Finally, myrrh has been used to help heal wounds.

The properties in the oil can help encourage the growth of white blood cells. Those cells are responsible for healing.

Frankincense Benefits

If you prefer frankincense oil, then you can also expect to receive some health benefits.

For those who struggle with anxiety or panic attacks, breathing in the oil might help.

It can reduce your heart rate and blood pressure. This makes it a great choice for those who need something to stay calm and focused.

Frankincense can also help boost your immune system.

When eaten, it has been shown to help stop the spread of tooth decay and gingivitis as well.

Use Anointing Oil Prayer for Healing Today

Whether your body or spirit needs healing, these two kinds of anointed oils may be able to help you heal.

Try either today and take part in a practice that’s both ancient and spiritual.