Alum Uses for Tightening Skin


Useful Benefits of Alum

Women are always on the hunt to find products to help with their various female needs. Alum is a salt-based compound with a wide range of uses. The uses range from health reasons to beauty purposes. Before you start using alum, read the following information for everything you need to know.

What is Alum?

Alum is the name of a category of hydrated double sulfate salts of aluminum. Deposits of it have been found in Egyptian archeological sites that date back to the 7th century. The compound can be described as a white, colorless liquid or matter. It can come as a powder, a liquid, or in the form of solid rock. The taste is sweet and astringent. The product is generally harmless when used in moderation.

Alum Uses Today

A common use for alum in food is for dyeing and tanning. The chemical properties darken food as well as animal hide. Alum is also used in many deodorants. The astringent chemicals act as an antiperspirant. Many foods that are eaten today use alum. Baking soda is one of the main ingredients that use alum. When used with other ingredients, alum works for pickling other foods.

Alum Uses for Tightening Skin?

Aside from food, alum is also used in cosmetics. Alum is a favorite ingredient for anti-aging creams. Many wrinkle creams have it as an ingredient. The chemical structure of alum allows it to blend well with the other ingredients. The antimicrobial and astringent properties make it a skin-tightening, bacteria-killing substance.

Other Alum Uses for Tightening Skin

Another one of the alum uses for tightening skin is for the vaginal wall. Women worldwide undergo surgical procedures to tighten their female bits. This increases the pleasure of intercourse for both partners.

Alum is a more safe and convenient alternative for those interested in vaginoplasty. Because there are no incisions necessary with alum, there is no scarring, bleeding, or healing time needed.

Women generally tend to lean more towards using alum than getting surgery because although it is temporary, alum is a fraction of the price of surgery. The temporal results require repeated use.

Is Alum Safe for Cosmetic Use?

There are not many solidified studies done on the dangers of alum. However, some studies have shown links to certain cancers with long term use. When used internally or vaginally, alum destroys some of the body's natural disease-fighting bacteria.

Generally speaking, the Food and Drug Administration deems alum as a safe substance for consumption. However, the long term researches are minimal.

Many people choose to opt out of using alum for this reason. The middle ground on this debate would be to use alum for short term only.

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