Almond Oil for Shaving

Any man can benefit from pre-shave oil. Read and find out why you should use almond oil for shaving.

Many men are left with rashes after shaving. Pre-shave oils help to eliminate these rashes by moisturizing one’s face and and providing protection.

The hairs are also softened helping to get a better shave. Let’s discuss the benefits of using almond oil for shaving.

Benefits of Using Almond Oil for Shaving

It is important to use a pre-shave oil that has natural ingredients. This will prove the effectiveness of the oil.

There are some pre-shave oils that are made of pure almond oil whereas others are combined with other oils to get a better effect.

Either way, almond oil provides great benefits to the skin.

The vitamins almond oil can provide for your skin are essential in nourishing skin.

Vitamin E, for example, can provide antioxidants and moisturizing effects.

It can also prevent inflammation to eliminate the effects of rashes and razor burns.

If you have sensitive skin, almond oil based pre-shave oil is a necessity.

It will create a buffer between your skin and the razor allowing the razor to pass more smoothly.

The skin will not raise to resist the razor but will allow it to pass over gently.

For Pre-Shaving and After Shaving

Almond oil for shaving does not just provide benefits during the shaving process.

It will continue moisturizing your skin after shaving. The antioxidants and vitamins will revitalize the look and feel of your skin after shaving.

Almond oil should be applied as a pre-shave oil right before applying shaving cream.

Do not apply it if your skin is wet from the shower or from washing your face.

Make sure that your skin is almost dry so as to not dilute the almond oil.

Put some drops of the almond oil into your hands. Rub your hands together to warm the almond oil and rub it onto your face. Be gentle as the oil will get into the skin by itself. Rub it in for up to thirty seconds to ensure it gets all over. When the almond oil seems to be absorbing, you can stop.

Wait thirty more seconds to allow the almond oil to finish absorbing. Do not put shaving cream on yet.

When the oil has been absorbed, apply the shaving cream on top and shave like normal.

Afterward, your skin should feel smoother than it ever has after shaving.

The almond oil will wash off with the cream and you are free to utilize after-shave as normal.

If you are trimming, the process for application and shaving are almost the same.

It is important to avoid the areas you do not want to shave. However, only apply the almond oil to the areas that will be shaved.

Almond oil can provide many benefits to skin, especially sensitive skin, with its rich antioxidants and nutrients.

Utilize almond oil as a pre-shave treatment to ensure smooth skin after shaving.

Use it to eliminate the harmful effects of rashes and razor burns.