Alcohol for Acne

If you have had problems with acne, there’s a good chance that the products used to cleanse your skin have alcohol. Alcohol for acne is not the type of alcohol that’s consumed in drinks. It’s isopropyl alcohol, which is the kind used as an antiseptic to treat wounds and cuts. The reason why alcohol is often added to skincare products is because it’s an effective way to eliminate bacteria that often causes acne. 

Benefits of Alcohol for Acne

Products with alcohol usually eliminate excessive oil, which can be good and bad. While it’s good for decreasing breakouts, it can also be drying when used too frequently. There’s a lot that you should consider before using products with alcohol for acne. Check out the information below to figure out if its right for your skin.

Potential Skin Irritation from Alcohol

If you choose to use rubbing alcohol to treat your skin, you’re using a substance that’s strong and possibly harsh. In fact, it’s contained in products like nail polish removers and window cleaners. This is the reason why there’s a possibility of your skin becoming irritated. Some people experience irritation because alcohol can strip your skin of oil. When used frequently, it can actually cause a rash or worsen acne. This happens because microbiomes that protect your skin are removed. As with many things in life, moderation is necessary. 

Your Skin’s Natural Oils

There are always elements in the environment that can harm your skin. This includes debris found both outdoors and indoors. Your body produces sebum, which is an oil that has the ability to protect your skin from these elements. When using rubbing alcohol or products that contain alcohol, your skin is stripped of sebum. Many choose to use alcohol despite this fact in an effort to eliminate acne. To preserve your skin’s natural oils, it’s best to minimize the use of alcohol. 

If your body produces an excessive amount of sebum, alcohol is beneficial, but must be used in moderation. It’s still possible for your skin to become dry, irritated and cracked. One way to mitigate this issue is by adding a good moisturizer to your skincare routine. If the use of alcohol becomes too drying for your skin, consider replacing it with a more nourishing option. 

Products with Alcohol

There are a lot of skincare products that contain alcohol. Some may work well for your skin while others are too harsh. One product that often contains alcohol is sunscreen. For acne-prone skin, it’s best to look for sunscreen that doesn’t have alcohol because it can keep your skin from drying out. In fact, it’s best to use alcohol-free sunscreen even if you don’t have acne.

Another product that often has a good amount of alcohol is facial wipes that are designed specifically for the purpose of removing makeup. For women that wear makeup daily, facial wipes with alcohol can become damaging. It can also worsen acne and prolong breakouts. There are some wipes that don’t contain alcohol but are still effective at removing makeup, including mascara.

Important Reminder When Using Alcohol for Acne

As you can see, there are pros and cons to using alcohol for acne. Whether you choose to use rubbing alcohol or beauty products containing alcohol, you should do so sparingly.