Adapalene Gel for Acne Scars

Acne  is a condition that effects a large percentage of people throughout the course of their lives. One aspect of dealing with acne that often doesn’t get as much attention is the scars that can be left behind. While there are numerous treatments available for acne scarring, they often require prescriptions or professional assistance. Let’s take a look at a non-prescription treatment that has helped people deal with their acne scars at home, learn the benefits of Adapalene gel for acne scars.

What Causes Acne Scars?

 Acne is caused by oils, bacteria, and dead skin cells that become trapped inside the pores of the face.  Acne scars  are caused by so much pressure building up inside of the pores that the follicle wall itself breaks. 

 Acne scars can be classified into two basic types:

 Keloid (Hypertorphic) Scars 

 These scars have a raised appearance They are caused by an excess amount of collagen being produced during wound healing.

 Depressed (Atrophic) Scars 

This type of scarring results from loss of tissue. Scars in this category may look like small holes, or have a larger, more crater-like appearance.

Why Use Adapalene Gel For Acne Scars?

 Adapalene gel is an over-the-counter skin treatment. It’s a retinoid . These compounds help to increase cell growth, and specifically collagen production Increased collagen can help skin heal better and avoid scarring.

Another way Adapalene gel helps is by decreasing the amount of pimples you will have. Fewer pimples means less chance of scars forming to begin with. When pimples do develop, this treatment helps them heal and go away quickly, rather than getting to the point they break the follicles from internal pressure buildup. 

This treatment is found by acne sufferers to be effective in calming inflammation and swelling of the skin as well. Your face will be left with a much brighter,healthier appearance with consistent use. 

How to Use Adapalene Gel?

Proper use of the product will lead to the best results. Let’s go over how to use and apply this treatment.

1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser that does not contain soap.

2. You will need to wash your hands before and after application of the product

3. Apply a thin layer with your fingertips to the affected area one time a day (usually bedtime works best) 

If you are using over-the-counter versions of this product, ,make sure to follow package instructions to ensure safety and optimal treatment results. Consult with a doctor if you have any concerns or complications.

Things To Know About Adapalene Gel for Acne Scars

There are some tips,tricks, and precautions to be aware of while using this product, so let’s take a look. 

1. Do not use more than the recommended dosage, as you may irritate your skin and cause redness or peeling

2. Do not use this product if pregnant or breastfeeding

3. You may wish to set an alarm to remind yourself when to apply it daily

4. Avoid getting the product into your eyes or mouth

5. In the beginning of treatment, acne may look worse temporarily because this gel is treating acne that’s under the surface,too.

6.It may take 8 to 12 weeks to notice results from treatment, so be consistent for best results

If you would like to improve your acne scars, this treatment may be right for you.