7 Ways to Care For Your Underarms

There’s one thing women are very particular of, it’s underarm care. Of course, we want it to feel, look, and smell good.

We want it to be smooth and light so we can confidently wear tubeless or sleeveless tops without having to think about our underarms looking like dark, prickly chicken skin. We also want it to smell good because honestly, how embarrassing would it be to raise them when you’re hailing a cab and see the person next to you cringe because of the odor coming out of it?

Thus, we’re always looking for the right products and solutions that will help us in achieving all those. Sometimes, one solution is also not enough to care for your underarms. If you still haven’t found the right underarm care solution or feel like something is missing with your underarm care routine, here are a few you can try:

1. Shower Everyday

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, and it is exposed to a lot of factors that can contribute to odor and illness such as sweat and bacteria buildup. Thus, you need to shower every day and use soap that kills bacteria, keeps your skin smooth and healthy, and makes you smell good.

2. Exfoliating

Our armpits’ skin is just like the rest of the skin of our other body parts. It has dead skin cells that need to be removed to make room for newer and fresher layers. Every day you apply underarm, there’s also a growing layer of deodorant residue. Exfoliating gets rid of this layer of residue along with the dead skin cells.

3. Wear Antiperspirant Deodorant

One of the reasons why our underarms have a bad odor at times is because of sweat. You can minimize or prevent this by using an antiperspirant deodorant. Additionally, using deodorant keeps your armpits smelling good.

4. Use a Fresh Blade

The tendency for women when using blunt blades is to press harder on the skin. This action contributes to the darkening of underarms. It’s also crucial to check your blades for even the smallest bits of rust as this can cause wounds and lead to skin infections.

5. Avoid Strong-Smelling Food

You may not be aware, but some foods contribute to our underarm sweat’s bad odor. These are foods such as onions, garlics, and spices. You can try eliminating or lessening your intake of these kinds of food to see if they are the cause of your armpit odor. Apart from minimizing intake on these, it’s also advisable to eat healthily and add more vegetables and fruits into your diet.

6. Let Your Armpits Rest

In the mornings, we usually apply deodorant right after we wax or shave. While it saves you time, it can also irritate. Since your skin is still fresh from being shaven or waxed, it’s best to let it rest for at least ten minutes before you put on deodorant. By doing this, you can also prevent your armpits from becoming irritated or discolored.

7. Opt for Breathable Fabric

Another contributing factor to sweaty and smelly underarms is the fabric of our clothes. When you’re shopping for new shirts and outfits, make sure that their cloths are made of cotton or linen which are natural fibers. These kinds of cloth allow moisture to evaporate, so the sweat doesn’t stay and smell.