7 Relaxation Hacks You Can Do Anywhere


There are times when we experience waves of stress especially when we’re trying to meet deadlines or going through hard times in our lives.

We can even experience stress when we’re not doing anything. You could be sitting on your couch and suddenly remember next week’s incoming deadlines, making you feel stressed even when you’re supposed to be relaxing.

When we become stressed, we may lose motivation and focus on the things that we are doing. Instead of using the time to meet the deadline, you feel demotivated and become unproductive.

During these times, it’s important to find the time to forget about the stress, close your eyes, and breathe.

Here are seven hacks that you can do anywhere when you feel like you can’t take the stress:

1. Take Deep Breaths

Stress can sometimes make us feel short of breath, and we end up feeling like we were running miles. Relax and de-stress yourself by taking deep breaths. When you’re doing this, however, you should be taking a break from what you’re working on.

2. Mentally Scan Your Body

Sometimes, we feel stressed because of issues that we’re unaware of. Take a break from your work and mentally scan what your body’s feeling, from head to foot. You may already be feeling a headache, your shoulders hurt, you’re hungry, or your knees are feeling cramped. Find out what you’re feeling and alleviate it to lessen the stress.

3. Stand Up and Move Around

When you’ve been sitting for hours, it’s crucial to get up and walk around. It will help you to relax and destress.

4. Create a Playlist

If you’re fond of listening to music while working, it’s helpful to create a playlist of songs to help you relax or become motivated. You can even create more than one playlist so that you can listen to one that matches your mood.

5. Daydream

Ever feel like you’ve been working too much, and you lack inspiration? Take the time to let your mind wander away from all the serious stuff and daydream instead. You could daydream about an environment that you feel will help you relax such as the beach.

6. Find Something Else to Do for Five Minutes

Tired of staring at the screen or the same space for hours? Take five minutes off your time and find something else do. You can doodle on an extra page on your notes, take a nap, or look at photos on your phone. Just make sure you don’t take too much time and end up forgetting about what you were supposed to be doing.

7. Laugh About Something

If there’s anything that can relieve your stress instantly, it’s laughing about something. Try to remember a memory that makes you laugh, or you can look through your phone to find fun pictures or videos that are guaranteed to make you smile.

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