7 Makeup Tips for Women With Glasses


Wearing glasses is an inevitable ordeal for many women. They’re also an option many women prefer since they’re very easy to wear.

Contact lenses are much more subtle, but they can be hard to wear especially for first-time wearers. Plus, there isn’t much maintenance needed for glasses except wiping them and placing them inside their proper case. They’re also much for affordable than getting laser treatment (which many also fear too).

More importantly, wearing eyeglasses helps them see better or protects their eyes from radiation or harsh lights. They’re even more needed by women whose jobs require them to read a lot or face computer screens for eight hours a day.

Eyeglasses are no doubt a necessity for many women. Unfortunately, they can keep four-eyed women from fully applying and enjoying makeup.

For all those ladies with lenses, here are makeup tips you can try every day:

1. Wear A Primer

It’s always important to wear a primer before putting on foundation and concealer. It keeps all the product intact and will prevent your skin from forming too much oil. Without a layer of primer, your foundation will easily smudge off, also causing your glasses to slip.

2. Choose Lighter Eyeliners

Lighter shades of eyeliners such as soft brown hues or burgundy can brighten up your eyes. It will also make your eyes shine even with those glasses as opposed to wearing black eyeliner which is too heavy especially for those with dark-rimmed glasses.

3. Take Away Excess Foundation

One of the biggest problems women with glasses experience when wearing makeup is getting foundation and concealer smudges on the areas of the frame where it rests on the skin. Try to put a thinner layer of concealer and foundation on these areas to avoid getting them on your glasses.

It’s also equally as important to clean these products off your glasses, so they don’t return to your skin and cause smudges.

4. Use Setting Powder On Your Concealer

This is also a way to avoid getting products on your glasses’ frame. The setting powder will help keep your concealer in tack and keep it from transferring to your glasses.

5. Curl Your Lashes

Another problem four-eyed women share when wearing makeup and eyeglasses is getting mascara stains on the inner lenses. They can be very hard to clean too as wiping them off can cause them to smudge more. Avoid this problem by curling your lashes so that they don’t reach the lenses.

6. Don’t Put Too Much Mascara on The Tips of Eyelashes

This is also a solution to the problem we mentioned in number 5. Apart from curling your lashes, don’t put too much mascara on the tips and instead focus them on the roots. This also keeps the tips of your roots from sticking together because of too much product.

7. Try Matching Your Frames’ Color

Are you tired of how boring your eyes look with your eyeglasses? If you have colored frames, you can try putting on eyeshadow shades that match them! You can also go for colors that will contrast or complement them to make your eyes pop more.

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