5 Ways to Get Rid of Your Post-Pregnancy Belly

There’s one event in women’s lives that brings great joy, and that is the birth of a child. For all the mothers there, recall the time when you first saw and held your child. It indeed is a magical moment that you’ll never forget.

Perhaps the only adverse outcome that you’ll dread after pregnancy is the weight gain and the loose skin on your stomach.

While other mothers easily recover, there are those who experience difficulty returning to their previous bodies.

Where Does The Lose Skin Come From?

The human skin is very elastic. During the pregnancy, the skin on the stomach and the abdomen is stretched as the womb accommodates the growing child. While its elastic, it doesn’t immediately go back to its previous state.

Think of people who’ve rapidly loss weight and get excess and flabby skin. It’s very much similar to that.

When Is It Supposed To Shrink Back To Its Original Size?

This is a question we’re sure a lot of women who’ve recently given birth are wondering about. After your child’s birth, your body experiences a lot of hormonal changes, and this eventually leads your uterus to return to its original state. This can also take at least six to eight weeks. Furthermore, your cells, which experienced swelling while you were pregnant, will also eliminate excess fluid through sweating, urinating, and secretions through your vagina.

It’s Been Eight Weeks and I Still Have a Pregnancy Pouch

You may be asking yourself this question, too. This brings us to the reminder that each person has a different body. Thus there are different transitions. Your uterus may contract, and you may excrete all that extra fluid, but the transition to going back to your old body can also depend on your body type, how much you gained when you were pregnant, your genes, and how active you are after you gave birth.

How To Get Rid of It Faster

There are many solutions to get rid of that entire pregnancy pouch, and we’re not talking about a tummy tuck surgery (unless you’re willing too, of course).Here are some of the ways you can get rid of that post-pregnancy belly:

Here are some of the ways you can get rid of that post-pregnancy belly:

1. Breastfeeding

When you breastfeed, your body’s calories are burned to produce milk. Hence, it is recommended to breastfeed your kids until their sixth month. More importantly, breastfeeding has nutrients needed by babies that cannot be found and substituted in milk formulas.

2. Apply Lotion and Creams

Try using lotion or creams filled with vitamins A, E, K, C and collagen on your tummy as they will help your skin become firm again. It is also recommended to massage your tummy well when you’re applying the lotion to improve the blood flow in the area.

3. A Slow And Healthy Diet

Some women gain a lot of excess weight during pregnancy. One solution to this is by choosing a diet that’s low in calories. However, you should wait for at least months to cut back on your calories as this may affect your breastfeeding. Rapid diet is also not recommended as fatigue will lessen your milk production and keep your baby from getting the needed vitamins, fat, and nutrient from your milk.

4. Stay Active

There are women who take maternity leaves or even quit from their jobs once they have their kids. However, being a housewife and stay-at-home mom doesn’t mean you should stop being active. While it’s recommended for women to take a few days or weeks of rest after giving birth, it should also be equally as important to move around the house. Once you’ve gained back your strength and you feel like you can walk around, you can start doing house chores to stay active. The simple and basic act of sweeping and lightly dusting your home may not sound like extreme exercises, but it sure burns a few calories in the body.

However, one should remember to remain careful and not immediately start with complicated house chores such as lifting furniture and other heavy items in the home.

5. Exercise

Once you feel that your body is fully ready to take on heavier exercises and activities, it’s time to step your activities up a little with exercises. It is also essential for you to go to your doctor to make sure it’s the right time for you and your body to start with your exercise regimen. Once you get the go signal, here are some exercises you can try for yourself:

  • Walking for Cardio – Cardio helps with fat burning which is why walking, as simple as it sounds, is actually a good exercise for you to lose all that excess weight. You can try walking for twenty minutes, three to five times a week. While you’re at it, you can even bring your baby out so you both can get fresh air. Just make sure you stay clear of a dusty environment and annoying smoke from cars.
  • Situps – These will help your belly to develop muscle. The motion your belly’s skin experiences will also assist in making it firmer so that it becomes less loose.
  • Yoga and Pilates – These types of exercises usually include activities such as planking which helps in tightening the core. This also strengthens your muscles and tightens your stomach.

Determination and Discipline

All in all, losing weight and post-pregnancy bellies take a lot of time and patience. It also varies as women have different body types and genes. More importantly, the solutions we’ve given you ladies will only be effective if you have full determination and make it a point to exercise, stay active, and eat healthy every day.

In your road to recovering your pre-pregnancy body, you should also make it a point to rest, take a break and enjoy the life of being a mother.