5 Reasons Why Shaping The Brows Are Important

In today’s generation, there is one facial feature that a lot of women value and concentrate on. Those are the eyebrows.

Back then, eyebrows were groomed to look thin. Women then lined the eyebrows with kohl pencils, merely following the thin line of hair. There were also large gaps in between the eyebrows.

Thankfully, thicker and filled-in brows are the trend today. Along with that trend also came an influx of various eyebrow products, ranging from pens, gel, and even stamps. Additionally, tattooing methods for the brows have also improved, namely the microblading procedure which creates an illusion of fine hairs on the brow line rather than simply tattooing and filling in the whole space.

While it is a modern-day trend to get eyebrows as thick or as shaped like Brooke Shields’, there are also more benefits of having the eyebrows filled in and shaped properly. If you’re one of those who forego the five or ten additional minutes for shaping the eyebrows in the morning or before work, the list below may convince you to do otherwise:

1. A More Youthful Look

Do you know two people of the same age, one with unshaped eyebrows and one with shaped eyebrows? Surely, you’ve thought that the one with shaped eyebrows looks younger than the other. All in all, having your eyebrows groomed and filled-in correctly can make you a more youthful appearance as it will lift your face and make your eyes look more full and more alive.

However, it’s also crucial to remember not to line your brows too thickly or use a very dark shade as it can also make you look older.

2. Frames Your Eyes and Face

Other than going for a shade of eyebrow product that matches your face, it’s also equally as important to form your eyebrows according to the shape of your face and eyes. Shaping your eyebrows after one that doesn’t fit your face can end up making you look older, angry, or tired. There’s also no need for you to follow what the fashionable shapes of eyebrows are. All that should matter is that they should match you and make you look better.

3. Refines Your Look

Some of the features of our face that people immediately look at when we first meet or see them are our eyes and brows. You can make a great first impression with a pair of well-groomed brows as opposed to bushy and untrimmed ones. More importantly, beautiful eyebrows can lessen your need for much makeup. Have you ever seen Cara Delevingne? Even with little to no makeup or natural shades, she still looks great because of her eyebrows.

4. Balances the Face

While we may not notice it, our faces are not 100% symmetrical. The same goes for our eyebrows, which is why the phrase “eyebrows are sisters, not twins” was coined.

The other eyebrow may be more shaped differently than the other, making one eye appear larger than the other. Hence, shaping your eyebrows not only balances them, but it can also balance your face, therefore improving your entire look.