5 Morning Rituals That Will Help You Get Ready for the Day

Everyone has experienced through that dreaded feeling of waking up in the morning after the alarm rings, reminding you of work. You just want to snooze your alarm and continue dozing off. However, duty calls and you have no choice but to tiredly get up from up your bed.

When we dread the mornings every day, we experience the same boring cycle. This definitely shouldn’t happen, though, as it will make us lose motivation and positivity for the day ahead of us. When we wake up with negative vibes, we carry that to our work and affect our relationships around us.

If you want to greet the morning with the best vibes, here are five rituals you can try after you shut off that beep from your alarm clock.

1. Don’t Open Your Phone Yet

A lot of us are attached to our smartphones and social media and it’s often the first thing we grab when we wake up. This is mainly because of our fear of missing out.

However, not opening your phone immediately once you wake up lets you appreciate and live in the moment. Plus, opening our phones gives the possibility of us immediately seeing e-mails from work, making us feel already stressed even before we step inside our office.

2. Make Your Bed

Indeed, it’s much easier to stand up and go straight to the shower or to the kitchen for breakfast and just leave the bed. However, making your bed in the morning gives you the first feeling of accomplishment and order of the day.

3. Meditate

Oftentimes, we immediately rush into our daily routine once we get up. By doing this, we are already stressing ourselves out when the day has only started. Dedicate at least five to ten minutes where you can sit down and just take deep breaths.

You can also close your eyes and just listen to your surroundings, to the birds outside, or to the rustling of the trees. More importantly, meditating in the mornings has also been found by studies to lessen anxiety and stress levels.

4. 5 to 10-Minute Exercise

It’s understandable that you only have a few hours in the morning before you leave for work or school. There’s not enough time for extreme exercise routines that are meant for weekends. Hence, this five to ten-minute exercise doesn’t have to be as intense. You can simply exercise your joints such as your neck, arms, legs, and hips.

The main purpose for this is to prepare your body for all the physical movement that you’ll be doing for the rest of the day.

5. Make Tea, Not Coffee

It is undeniable that many individuals prefer coffee in the mornings because it gives you instant energy. Tea, however, builds up the energy boost and sustains it. More importantly, coffee is more acidic. This makes it hard for people with sensitive stomachs as they might experience acid reflux or heartburn. Coffee is also richer in caffeine and being too dependent with caffeine can make you jittery.