4 Easy Skin-Saving Routines for the Lazy Ones


If there’s one thing that women constantly wish for, it’s good skin. A lot of us are also aware that to achieve good skin, there will be a need for a routine and a multitude of products.

The sad part then is that there are women, and even men, who fail to religiously follow these routines and buy the products. It can be time-consuming, and there will be a need to spend a lot of money just to get all the necessary products.

Other than those reasons, some ladies and gents are merely lazy. You could finally have the motivation, money, or time but lying in bed and watching a movie or scrolling through social media sounds like a better idea. You may also decide on hitting two birds with one stone which is to do the routine while putting on a film, so you have something to do as the product settles in.

There’s a disadvantage to this, however, such as accidentally rubbing the product on your face on
your couch pillows or moving your face as you chewed some chips (which you weren’t supposed to do).

Indeed, being lazy has its downsides for our skin. However, there is an easy way to have healthy and flawless skin without the multitude of steps and products.

1. Be Hydrated

If you want the easiest way to keep your skin (and the inside of your body) hydrated and moisturized, you should get always drink at least eight glasses of water a day. The thing about drinking water is that we may forget to do it due to how busy we are. We may also remember drinking a glass or two but those are not enough to give your money and your skin the hydration it needs.

2. Organize Your Products

One reason you may feel lazy and discouraged with your skincare routine is the arrangement of your products. If you have a dresser covered in a multitude of products, you’re bound to skip it and think, “You know what, never mind.”

And so this is a reminder that you arrange your products and keep those important ones up front so you can easily pull them out when it’s time for your routine.

3. Remove Makeup Before Bed

Due to the busy day at work, plopping down on the bed and closing your eyes and drifting to sleep seems like a good idea. However, these are the biggest contributors to bad skin. On your day out, your skin was already exposed to a lot of dust and dirt. Along with those is your makeup which definitely shouldn’t be on your skin for 24 hours.

If you can’t find the strength to give up, it’s best for you to keep makeup wipes or micellar water and cotton pads on your nightstand which you can easily reach for to remove the makeup and dirt before catching some Zzz’s.

4. Shield With SPF

If you prefer heading out to work in the morning after you’ve changed and had your breakfast and
don’t have time for a routine, the least you can do is to put on cream with SPF. The sun is one of the contributing factors to the growth of wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and dryness.

If you want to save yourself from buying products for each of these issues, avoid them all at once with sunblock and the right protection from the bright rays of the sun.

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